Physicists Are Spending Way Too Much Time Hunting Time Travelers on Facebook


If you were a modern physicist on the hunt for time travelers, a phenomenon that has intrigued cultures dating back to the Indian Mahabharata in 9th century BC, how would you do it? According to two experts from Michigan Technological University: Check Facebook, obvi.

In a study titled “Searching the Internet for evidence of time travelers,” Drs. Robert Nemiroff (see incredible photo here) and Teresa Wilson chronicle their exhaustive search through Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Bing in search of signs that people from the future came, selfied, and conquered.

The physicists scoured the social networks for “digital signatures” in the form of posts including prescient information that only someone from the future would know. The two terms they searched for: mentions of Comet ISON and Pope Francis before they became public knowledge. This involved extensive hashtag searches.

Unfortunately, this methodology has some problems:

1. While the implication…

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